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Salonmay Bustline Increaser

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Cypriot residents can order and pay cash on delivery at their home.

Cyprus residents will have the chance to try it before they buy

Cyprus residents can order and pay cash on delivery at their home

Cyprus residents will have the chance to try it before they buy

Αν κατοικείς στην Κύπρο, θα σου παραδώσουμε την συσκευή στο σπίτι σου, θα την δοκιμάσεις και μετά θα πληρώσεις

Δοκίμασε την συσκευή για 30 ημέρες και αν δεν υπάρχουν αποτελέσματα  δικαιούσαι να την επιστρέψεις


Discreet packing and delivery

Use it for 30 days according to the instructions, if there are not results you get your money back. No questions asked.

If you live in Cyprus click HERE

The Salonmay Bustline Increaser has been proved by many users and doctors to be an outstanding success.  The device, is a new internationally Patented Product, which has been proved most successful in beautifying the female bustline. Based on physiological principles, has been developed after years of research and clinical testing.

The method does not involve injection or medication, but physiotherapy treatment only.

Simple to use, it increases the bustline safely and effectively after short periods of use without harmful effects



1. The treatment of Flat Chest and Flabby breasts. 2. Depressed Nipples. 3. Female Frigidity



1. Simple in use, bustline can be increased safely, effectively and satisfactorily at your own     home.

2. Absolutely guaranteed free of any collateral action.

3. Amazing results can be achieved within weeks.

4. Maintains your bosom shape firm permanently, if used regularly.


This device should not be used during pregnancy.

Do not lend to others so as to avoid possible skin disease


IMPORTANT: The size plays an important role on the success of its use. Choose a much bigger size than that of your bra size

If you have difficulty deciding on the size,  email your height, your weight, your bra size, the condition of your breasts,  and we will advice you of the right size.

If the size of your Bra is up to 34B order size Large:

  Normal price 69.00    with your purchase you will receive FREE  one set of  silicon bra worth 22.00   Click to see it



 If the size of your Bra is larger than 34B order size XLarge:

 Normal  PRICE  79.00 

With your purchase you get 1 silicon strapless bra worth 22.00 Click to see it

For home deliveries or my Akis/Travel express please call  you will have the chance to try it before you buy it

If you require additional information please call +357 99643397




If you require additional information or you have specific questions click HERE 




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