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SALONMAY Instructions of use

Salonmay  Bustline Increaser

Exclusive patent Reserved:

Pat. USA:4029088. Germany:770039. Canada 257884, Japan 914482

What is Salonmay Bustline Increaser? Is an Internationally patented product, which has been proved most successful in beautifying the female bustline. Base on physiological principles it has been developed after years of research and clinical testing.

The method does not involve injection or medication but physiotherapy treatment only.

Simple to use, it increasers the bustline safely and effectively after short period of use without harmful effects. The Salonmay Bustline Increaser has been proved by many users and doctors to be an outstanding success.

Remarkable Features

1.       Simple in use Bustline can be increased safely, effectively and satisfactorily at your own home.

2.       Absolutely guaranteed free on any collateral action

3.       Amazing results will be achieved within weeks

4.       Maintains your bosom shape firm permanently if used regularly

Direction of use

1.        Assemble the air pump, hose and mammary cup as in figure 2

2.        Apply small quantity of cold cream nipple to prevent skin friction (Figure 3)

3.        Hold mammary cup firmly against the chest with measure scale on top to prevent air leakage. (Figure 4)

Please mark down your present measurement your measurement every `10 days.

4.        Push the air controller and squeeze the rubber bulb until the breast is enlarged by 2 cm. (See scale on plastic cup. Fig. 5)

5.        Slowly push the air controller to release air and relax the breast.

6.      Repeat this procedure for 15 minute each breast twice daily


This device should not be used during pregnancy.

Do not land to avoid possible skin diseases 

Recommended for:

1.      The treatment of flat chest and flabby breasts  

2.      Depressed nipples

3.      Female Frigidity


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