Full Round Seductive Breasts Will Make You Proud.  

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This is a confirmation that  it is now possible for you, to develop Bigger, Firmer and Healthier Breasts… Naturally.  No medicines, no injections, no surgery.  Just your own real breasts for you and your partner to enjoy.

You Want To Have Bigger, Firmer and Healthier Breasts

Thousands of women all over the world with small and saggy breasts, spend money on products /methods claiming that they can increase their breasts. You maybe one of them. You may have spent money on different products & methods, and you were disappointed because none of them worked. I know how you feel and I can understand your disappointment. Most women do not know. Nobody told them. The secret is that most  Breast creams, capsules etc.. do not work if used alone.

 Breast Creams

Good Breast Creams will give some results, but those results are only temporary. When you stop using the cream, your breasts will go back to what they were before. Apart from the above, there is a 20% to 30% failure. Breast creams can give positive results, only if they are used in combination with Salonmay  Bustline Increaser


Firstly these tablets may increase body fat. They take 3 to 6 months to show results. If there are results, you have to continue taking them until you reach your goals. This means high costs. The failure is between 40% to 55%.

 Plastic Surgery:

Personally for known reasons I reject the idea.


This needs personal contacts, which means time & money without guaranteed results.

The Small Big Secret:

The secret is a small device with 100% positive results.  Salonmay is a scientifically designed and Internationally patented device that has been proved most successful in beautifying the female bustline.  It has been developed after years of research and clinical testing. The method does not involve injections or medication. It is simple in use, and can increase bustline safely and effectively after short period of use. The device has been proved by thousand of users and doctors to be an outstanding success. It is recommended for the treatment of:

a)      Flat Chest and Flabby Breasts  b)      Depressed Nipples  c)      Female Frigidity

The results are permanent if used according to instructions included in the delivery.

It is cheap to buy and you can use it for a whole lifetime if necessary.




Salonmay Bustline Increaser is a unique patented vacuum pump. It is specially designed to augment the size and shape of your breasts. Safely and quickly without the pain and health risks of surgical implants. Not a push-up or padded bra or silicone inserts, just your own beautiful, natural breasts. 

1.) The Salonmay Bustline Increaser vacuum pump swells breast tissue by "vacuuming" fats and fluids into breast tissue cells causing them to enlarge. Secondly, regular stimulation from the pumping action  cause an increase in the female hormones responsible for breast growth, much as suckling stimulates the release of specific hormones such as oxytocin.

Combine the use of Salonmay with a good  Breast Cream,  This method builds and expands mammary gland tissue to it's fullest potential. By providing your body with the necessary raw materials, it balances natural hormone levels just like when you were a teenager

2.) Combine the use of Salonmay with a good  Breast Cream,  This method builds and expands mammary gland tissue to it's fullest potential. By providing your body with the necessary raw materials, it balances natural hormone levels just like when you were a teenager. It's unique formula also increases collagen production providing a fuller, firmer and perkier breast. For those who want to jump start their growth, good  Breast Cream is an added source of powerful phytoestrogens that can further stimulate breast growth. No other system on the market offers the dual action effect of the Salonmay Pump along with phytoestrogen supplementation.

Salonmay only, can increase your breasts 100%. Sometime you will get quicker results, if combine its use with good  Breast Cream  By combining the dual action of the Salonmay  Bustline Increaser and a good Breast Cream,  you can expect to see even better results within just a few weeks when used as directed

Still have questions or concerns? See our FAQ page for answers to the most commonly asked questions as well as actual testimonials from just a few of our satisfied customers.

 How long does it take

The results are 100 positive on any age, any woman, even on males, but the time period for results depends on your age, on the condition of your breasts, on your health condition. Especially its use, to be strictly according to instructions of use. You can see some difference within 2-3 days but usually results can be visible from 2 to 8 weeks of daily use. Some persons may need more time.

If it is necessary for longer use,  does not mean more money. Everything depends on you. You will devote 30 minutes twice daily, for your breasts. Fortunately its use is pleasant and very relaxing. After you have reached your goals you can stop. You can reuse it later, if necessary.

We strongly recommend that Salonmay Bustline Increaser is  unique. It is the device that can increase your breast to your full satisfaction, without any harmful effects to your health.

Unlike the creams, tablets etc that you have to buy repeatedly, Salonmay is cheap to buy, and you use it  for a whole  life. Salonmay will change your looks and you will boast about your new size.

Almost every woman

The exstract below is taken from the book of Graham Masterton "How to drive your man wild in bed")

(Almost every woman is worried about her breasts. If they are too small, she is desperate to enlarge them. If they are too big, she is concerned because they droop and she can never find pretty cloths to fit. How much should you fret about your breasts? Does it really matter if you are flat-chested or floppy? Do men actually fall over backwards for women with big bosoms? Whatever you think about it, men do find the sight and the feel of larger breasts more directly sexually stimulating, and it is true that many women feel more feminine with larger breasts. Women with small breasts, when they are pregnant, their breasts grow larger and as they tell, they really enjoy having them as big as that. This makes them feel more of a woman. Later when they finish breast-feeding and they go back to their smaller size, they still hanker after having them big again. Sexual confidence is closely involved with your breasts, and since sexual confidence is essential to you if you are going to become terrific in bed, it is worth of examining what you can do about your bosom ")

Full Round Seductive Breasts Will Make You Proud.

No matter what anyone says. Larger Breasts do make a difference- a big difference. You know how much attention women with large breasts command. And you also know how it feels to see other women get all the attention just because their breasts are larger than yours. Now you can fight back with Salonmay Bustline Increaser.

It’s now Your Turn to Share the Spotlight:

Salonmay will produce visible results with your very first  pleasant sessions. There is absolutely no need to live with the breasts you were born with, or developed. It is now possible for you to develop Bigger. Firmer and healthier Breast… Naturally.





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